We offer full landscaping services in commercial and residential properties

Create an outdoor space that is truly yours

Our experience and professionalism of our team will be the key ofyour final decision. Pasion and respect for the environment are fundamental to us because anything that we do is made with love and dedication. That’s why outdoor projects are important form our clients, because is a part of the life where they decide to spend time with family and friends.


Our outdoor living projects are the perfect way to get the most out of your backyard


Creating beautiful and unique gardens for your outdoor living whatever your budget

Reale Landscape - Landscaping services kelowna


Create walls and walkways with limitless aesthetic and practicable possibilities

Maintenance & Irrigation

Full-service state of the art maintenance to keep your landscape in healthy condition

Why choose us?

We are a full-service grounds care company in Kelowna. Our established systems allow us to deliver landscaping services of various kinds and among the best in the country.

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